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18 February 2006: no comic because . . .

. . . I absolutely literally cannot create a drawing today. I've been working for seven hours on the four measly panels needed to finish the minicomic version of the Herculaneum story (extra space in the layout = bonus art! or, that is the plan, anyway). So far I have a sheet of bristol board that has been pencilled over and erased dozens and dozens of times, with nothing on it now but the outlines of four boxes. I can't create a drawing that looks like anything—not like a person, not like a plant, not like a cup of wine, not like a pillar, not like a bench. Not a doodle or a sketch that isn't an incoherent scribble of random lines. I can't draw the Daily Angst I had planned for today. I don't know wtf is wrong with me.

You get my usual penance: an old drawing of an elf with big pointy ears from one of my roleplaying groups (in this case a "which Elfquest rpg character are you?" quiz), which in theory will embarrass me sufficiently to get me to draw something new.

And if anyone has any cure for the can't-draw-crap blues, please let me know.

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18 February 2006: no comic because . . .
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