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October 07, 2007

SPQR Blues: Blues 3 part LXXXV


You probably know this part

Though it's more exciting (and works better in movies) to imagine Marc Antony leaving the ill-advised Battle of Actium, defeated by a fleet some of which he had given to Octavius as gifts in happier times, then getting the news of Cleopatra's suicide and drawing his sword... it wasn't quite that fast a course of events. Antonius secluded himself in apparent depression, then was coaxed to rejoin Cleopatra; with all their closest companions gathered around he decided to go out with a madly celebratory bang, then actually rallied and began to have hope again of reaching a compromise with Octavian (insert boos and hisses here). Cleopatra apprently did not share this optimism. Perhaps Cleopatra, like Antonius, was hoping by her actions to save what she could of her family, kingdom, city, and home.

Some people reported hearing the great god Bacchus leaving the city and leaving Antonius behind. This would have been bad for morale.

My description of events is watercoloured by the fact that I wrote a YA manuscript version of the non-romanticised story that I kinda wouldn't mind turning into a graphic novel. But history, you know, it's so booooring :)


Posted by klio at October 7, 2007 02:53 PM
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