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July 28, 2007

SPQR Blues: Blues 3 part LXX


One problem with saving a panel for last is that your hand might get tired and hurty before you get to it. But I'd like to have a Saturday update, so I'm calling this finished (90% so, anyway).

Now he only has two secrets left

SPQR Blues has finally built back up its number of unique daily visitors to around where it was before the ComicGenesis servers took an extended nosedive. Just in time to irritate people again, because I kinda worry someone's going to say: Why does everybody fall for Felix? People don't, really. Lolla's old auntie didn't like him. Domitian's wife, Calatoria Themis, Spendusa's sister Cynthia, and that woman who sneered at him on his way to the Baths aren't particularly enamoured of him. Venus seems to be fond of him, though. Which explains a lot, if you find Venus an explanation.


Posted by klio at July 28, 2007 02:09 PM
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