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July 27, 2007

SPQR Blues: Blues 3 part LXIX


I'm thinking of moving SPQR Blues entirely over to and starting up Daily Angst again on this site. That would be more efficient than having so many mirrors, and I hope anyone reading the comic here will find it convenient to read it over there.

Now: today in ancient Rome...

Mus has another question

It always feels like I've drawn a lot more in a week than I have—but I am getting a little bit speedier. Part of it is probably because I'm looking at so much art at work every day—I was always inspired to write more when I was editing plain texts (I really need to do more editing). And I figure, if I'm expecting illustrators to create the equivalent of about 20 SPQR Blues strips a month, I ought to see if I can do it too. Of course, they're getting paid for it... and some of them get to illustrate as a fulltime job rather than grabbing ten minutes here and there out of the work day... so I guess it's not quite the same :)


Posted by klio at July 27, 2007 10:00 AM
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