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July 07, 2007

SPQR Blues: Blues 3 part LXIV


it'll make sense when the rest has been added
This will make more sense when all three rows are finished. You can look at a sketchy version of all three rows in pencils here. Not great art, but enough to get me started on the inking and fixing it up as I go along. This sketch took me longer than it should have, because of the big street scene—since it's not based on actual archaeology, it took a while to make up some houses. Only about half of Herculaneum has been excavated, and today I felt fanciful, so made up what part of the unexcavated city might look like. Channelling my inner ancient Roman street planner. Like city dwellers in all times and places, when pressed for space to expand outward, the denizens of Herculaneum began building upward, and Herculaneum had the makings of at least one skyscraper—that is, a four-story building.


Posted by klio at July 7, 2007 11:59 PM
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