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May 05, 2007

Gallery: Hey, Kids: Free Comic Book Day 2007


(SPQR Blues part LI was posted earlier today.)

Today is Free Comic Book Day, when comic shops around the US (and around the world, as it turns out) offer a variety of titles to encourage folks to come into the shops and see what's on the shelves. ComicGenesis, one of the places SPQR Blues is hosted, put together a sampler (b&w with colour cover).

Not a lot of shops may have the sampler, so below the cut is the SPQR Blues page for your viewing pleasure. I tried three nearby shops including a nice store called Alternate Realities to find a copy myself, but no luck.

Johanna Draper's popular Comics Worth Reading blog has some discussion on why retailers don't like webcomics samplers (see the comments section there, in which I attempt to hold my ground) as well as a dismissive review of the sampler. In her opinion, the quality of selections in the two webcomics samplers (ComicGenesis and Keenspace) varies, but she's not sufficiently interested in these freeloading free comics to state whether the variation is from stinky to stinkiest or from good to awesomenicity. So I'm going to insert "from awesome to mindbogglingly brilliant." Thank you, Johanna! (Er, don't tell her I said.)


Posted by klio at May 5, 2007 08:05 PM
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