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February 21, 2007

SPQR Blues: Hot Like a... Oven


kaboom!Nihil Humano Me Alienum Puto, or, "Parental Advisory: Naked People in Close Proximity!"

A new comic this evening when I'm done with my busybusy work day. But first, on account of no one is wearing a stitch of clothing in any of this comic's panels, I guess I ought to say something erudite.

Romans had strict ideas of modesty and propriety, but they tended to be happily naked quite a bit—either in an intimate situation, or at the public baths, or out doing construction work or playing sports in a tiny slip of fabric wrapped around the uppers and nethers (though most athletes wore more clothing and gear than those crazy nekkid Greeks). And of course, nude statues and fescoes, painted in lifelike colours, abounded in public places and private homes. Not to mention the lamps and doorbells shaped like boy parts, and a phallus on every oven to ensure the bread would rise. But, I feel compelled to add a note about today's comic, because to my knowledge my readership is primarily in the U.S., and, well, you know how we are. Sometimes one just doesn't expect to get naked people in the morning breakfast cereal, or in the daily webcomic.

Oh, and Happy Fornacalia. Yes, it's spelled correctly—it's the festival of ovens and baking. I hope everyone got a piece of King Cake yesterday, or at least a nice nondemoninational muffin.


Posted by klio at February 21, 2007 12:52 PM
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