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November 25, 2006

Gallery: Filler Art - #8499


Skinny arms and all(Numbered to account for 7 frames of SPQR Blues, and a 1500th drawing, all still to be posted.)

I was in the local Barnes & Noble, the one they're closing on account of 1) the roof leaks so much the carpets are like the Dead Marshes, and b) a CVS pharmacy has outbid them on the rent, and iii) there are another two or three Barnes & Noble stores within a couple of miles, and as I sat crosslegged on a table so as not to sink up to my ankles in dank carpet, pulled up to the "How to draw comics just like everybody else" section of the shelves, I saw a pose I quite liked in a book showcasing various artists, but as I couldn't afford the book itself, I did a quick sketch of the pose on the back of a receipt, and drew it again once I got home, quickly, while I could still remember the original—more or less remember. For some reason, it just had to be Mus. Maybe I'll clean it up and use it in a comic. But those arms are probably too skinny, even for a slip of a lad like Mus, even seen at an angle and stylised. I'll work on arms.


Posted by klio at November 25, 2006 03:28 PM
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