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June 12, 2006

Daily Angst: Spoiler: Pencils and Quickly Rendered inking, indeed


Woe, the poor artiste! My hands are still a bit unsteady (I keep flubbing my lines, yar de har har har), but if anyone would like a spoiler preview of the partially inked (and in some spots only partially drawn) pencils of chapter 2 part XVII, here it is after the cut.

Part XVII, in which Felix gets to be in a typical war movie.
dagnabbit that vonfricken foreshortening to heck!

You can sort of see from the scan that I use that hugely expensive version of comic-book illustration board with the blue ruler and margin lines already marked on it, because 1) the ruler is already marked on it, and 2) you can erase and erase and erase and erase and the paper still holds up and handles inking well. But I don't stay within the designated "live" area of the sheet, so the strip doesn't conform to yer standard comic-book dimensions. Because I am a wild thing!

When I print chapter 2 and reprint chapter 1, I think I'll make the book square.


Posted by klio at June 12, 2006 06:11 PM
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