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February 27, 2006

About: Those minicomic wrinkly blues


Romany goodness!Me Me Me Update: The SPQR Blues minicomic ("chapter 1: Prized Possessions") is finished. At least, it's finished with me. It would be uncouth to blame my tools, but, heck, if I just had a better computer, scanner, printer, and photocopy machine (or if I had actually, uhm, taken the project to a real printer), I wouldn't have had quite so much angst putting it together. I am quite pleased, though, with my long-arm stapler. It gets extra cookies tonight.

It's odd to see how small all that work—all that drawing and inking and thinking and writing—turns out to be when all scooped up together. 50 days worth of strips, 15 pages, 5 pages of revised goofball FAQs, the "Ruin" comic reprinted because there was a blank page at the end and I think that's my favourite piece so far, and some silly back-cover copy, with handy dandy dramatis personae included, in case somehow you manage to forget who everyone is. Also: blue staples! Wow!

Unfortunately, 2/3 of the copies have two or more pages that are noticeably wrinkled, a creased through the art on one end of the sheet. I have a handful of nice, smooth copies to send to the Staple independent/small press convention in Austin next weekend. But I'm thinking maybe I should offer the Special!Edition!Wrinkly!minicomics at a discount via mail or something.

Now that I've learned all sorts of lessons with the SPQR Blues minicomic, I'd like to do one for Daily Angst too—collect some of the better ones and add some new ones—but I'm not sure there's time before Staple. Maybe for the next convention.


Posted by klio at February 27, 2006 01:48 PM
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