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September 05, 2005

About: Hurricane Relief Donation


As of this morning, I'm down to 9732 panels left. That's a long way still to go. For those 268 panels, I'm donating $268 to the Red Cross for hurricane relief efforts. Then I'll stick to the dollar-per-panel donation idea for the near future. It's not a lot, but probably just about what I can manage from my finances. And a better use than $5 of pastries each day or, yes, even buying mini-comics.

(More talk in the extended entry.)

I had planned a trip to New Orleans in early August to see friends I hadn't seen in ages (as part of a longer trip to handle some important personal matters). When the main trip wasn't working out, I asked my supervisor for just two days around a weekend so I could at least get to NOLA. She turned me down, and I spent those two days in an office in which there was zero work to do—so I spent those days at the beginning of August drawing and scratching away at the 10,000. I do still plan to travel to Louisiana to see a friend, maybe in October, but, when I fret over whether I can afford to make a charitable donation, I realise I'd have spent a lot on travelling and sightseeing and buying armfuls of pecan pralines on Canal Street and bottles of hot sauce with clever labels to bring home.

There are a lot of worthy charities running relief efforts, and it's bewildering trying to choose one. The Salvation Army is requesting clothing, new or used, and as I sit here looking at my stacks of worn-once clothing, I think I can help out there.

But, still $1/panel. Seems do-able. I'd better get back to drawing.


Posted by klio at September 5, 2005 10:26 AM
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