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August 12, 2005

Daily Angst: Questionable contents


A trip to Jim Hanley's Universe comic store
Colleen is the author of Fluff in Brooklyn. A Giraffe, a jerboa, and a shifty cow—what's not to love?
It especially hurts to be called ma'am while I'm wearing my special fabbo skinny-making shirt. Boo!

Stuff I bought (how did this add up to $60??): And Then One Day nos. 1-4 by Ryan Claytor (velvety!); Space Chick and Space Chicken by Jacob Chabot; Carnet de Voyage by Craig Thompson; Desert Peach no. 30 by Donna Barr; Take-Out no. 5 by Raina Teigemeier; Bipolar no. 4 by Tomer Hanuka, Asaf Hanuka, and Etgar Keret; a 24-hour Comics compendium with nekkid people edited by Scott McCloud; and To Afghanistan and Back by Ted Rall, and Colleen was right, it is way too depressing. Stuff I wanted: big ol' Strangers in Paradise compendia, all that cool stuff by Julie Doucet, Louis Riel: A Comic Strip Biography by Chester Brown, every darned thing on the mini-comics shelves, and the two shelves of stuff by Donna Barr.


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